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Crafted by hand.

I have always loved the magical reflective qualities of coloured glass and the beauty of natural light when seen through it. It was this that inspired me to begin working with glass in 2004, initially making stained glass pieces and mirrors.


Alongside this I began experimenting with fused glass techniques, the process of layering compatible glass in a kiln, firing it to very high temperatures and then carefully cooling it down. Each piece will have spent around 24 hours in the kiln, some with multiple firings to achieve the desired result.

One off commission pieces.

If you would like something handmade especially to your specification I would love to make it for you. I can help with suggestions and design to bring your ideas to life.


You may want something to compliment your colour scheme at home such as a mirror or tableware, your own unique stained glass panel or a memorable gift for someone.


I cut and shape each piece from individual sheets of glass, no two are ever the same. This gives me a huge choice when it comes to selecting glass for you.


Please feel free to contact me with any enquiries, I will be happy to help you.





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